Managing Interpersonal Behaviours, Relationships and Emotions, the role of the school leader
Facilitator: Jacinta Kitt

Managing interpersonal behaviours, relationships and emotions is an essential element of school leadership, particularly in terms of the impact not merely on the atmosphere in the school, but also on the quality of the teaching and learning, the well-being of the staff and students and the overall effectiveness of the school. 

This seminar will focus on the power of positivity in a school and the value of having people on the staff who are positive in their attitudes and approaches. The quality of the relationships is the biggest determinant of the levels of positivity in a school. The essentials of trusting relationships between school leaders and their staff, collegial relationships between members of staff and democratic relationships between staff and students will be outlined.

The role of school leaders in managing negative emotions and maximising positive emotions in themselves and others will be discussed.


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