Facilitator: Kathryn Corbett

This interactive seminar aims to identify ways to develop leadership capacity within all staff members in schools. Discussion will focus on ways to encourage team learning and collaborative working within an in-school management team and with other staff members through practical examples including pupil transition from primary to post primary school, and developing team teaching as part of SET.

The structure of the workshop would include:

A. Introduction

Setting the Context- Quality Framework, OECD Schools as Learning Communities, SSE structure
Your school motto-what does it look like for both teachers and pupils

B. Your In-School Management Team: Getting Started/ Reviewing Ways of Working

  • · Working with Adults
  • · Communication
  • · Planning and Action
  • · Reflective Practice
  • · Continuous Professional Learning

C. Some Practical Examples: Building Leadership Capacity

  • Transition Programme
  • Developing Team Teaching in SET

D. Conclusion: Key Themes

  • Thinking Teachers
  • Trust
  • Time
  • Technology/Resources
  • Listening
  • Planning
  • Working with other schools
  • Teacher Observation
  • Taking Risks
  • Use action research

E. Next steps for your school

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