This seminar will examine the development of the concept of distributed leadership in Ireland and an Irish framework, process and model for it. It will offer the opportunity for self-reflection on approaches to middle leadership, and assess the readiness of the Irish system for effective engagement. Finally, it will address the practical application of post reviews and the professional learning required by school leaders to engage in best practice in middle leadership.


Facilitator: Anna Mai Rooney

Anna Mai is originally from Ballymahon in Co. Longford. After graduating from St. Patrick’s College in Drumcondra in 1987, she taught in St. Patrick’s Loreto Primary School in Bray. On moving to Monaghan in 1992, Anna Mai taught in St. Patrick’s National School, Clara, in North Monaghan and in Scoil Mhuire, Gransha, Clones from 1994-2000. She became the Teaching Principal of Scoil Mhuire, Magherarney, Smithborough in 2000 where she remained until becoming Administrative Principal of St. Louis GNS in Monaghan town in 2008.

Anna Mai became the Deputy Director for Primary Schools in the newly-established Centre for School Leadership on September 1st 2015, and remains on secondment to this position. Dedicated to the value of continuous learning, Anna Mai completed a Masters in Educational Management in 2009 with the University of Ulster and was a part-time facilitator with the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) from 2006 to 2015. She became a member of the IPPN Board of Directors in 2009. In her current position with CSL, Anna Mai works closely with IPPN as one of the partners in CSL and also represents IPPN on the Management Board of the Partnership Schools initiative with the National Parents’ Council Primary and the DES. She is currently a member of the DES Support Service Planning Group for the Digital Learning Framework.


Facilitator: Enda McGorman

Enda is the principal of Mary, Mother of Hope National School, Littlepace, Dublin 15. He hails from Monaghan, and graduated from St. Patrick’s College of Education in Drumcondra in 1994. He worked as a teacher in the Holy, Spirit Boys National School in Ballymun from 1995 to 2001.

In 2001, Enda was appointed as principal of Mary, Mother of Hope NS. In addition to his work as school principal, Enda has worked on several leadership programmes including Misneach, Forbairt, Tánaiste and Tóraíocht. Most recently, he has worked as an associate with the Centre for School Leadership (CSL). He has a keen interest in intercultural issues, integration and supporting students and families from socially disadvantaged communities. In 2007, he conducted research on the challenges of inter-culturalism and co-authored a report Intercultural Education, Primary Challenges in Dublin 15.

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