Seminar Synopsis 

Nurture Groups and Nurturing Schools enable all children to get to a place where they are ready to learn and can engage meaningfully in school life. Founded on neuroscience, attachment theory and evidence-based practice, and research proven for 50 years in UK, this workshop will give an overview of nurture strategies and interventions, and how they can help transform children’s lives.

About Dr. Gibney
Dr Susan Gibney is Director of Blackrock Education Centre, on secondment from her role as Principal Teacher of Queen of Angels PS, Sandyford, Dublin. Susan has taught in a number of schools in Dublin, London and the Sultanate of Oman. Her PhD is entitled 'Parental Involvement in Primary Education - Rhetoric or Reality'. Susan is an associate member of CSL and the PDST Leadership Team and has also facilitated leadership courses and supervised Masters’ Theses in UCD, UL and Maynooth University. Susan loves to travel, walk, cycle and ski.

Susan is passionate about the difference that nurturing interventions can make in getting children to a place where they are ready to learn. In partnership with NurtureUK, and in collaboration with the network of 21 Education Support Centres in Ireland (ESCI), she has overseen the huge growth of nurture interventions in both primary and post primary schools, and has coordinated and facilitated professional development on nurture, all over Ireland.

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