NC ChorThe National Children’s Choir was formed in 1985 by Dr. Seán Creamer to promote a love of music and to provide an experience of choral singing to young people. All were welcome, no barriers as to class, creed or level of musical attainment - the joy of singing being every child’s birth right. Seán’s idea was that large groups of children from 5th and 6th classes in primary schools would learn, and perform in public, a common repertoire of the highest quality.

Since 1985, over 150,000 children have enjoyed the experience of singing with the National Children’s Choir at local and regional concerts, culminating in performances at the National Concert Hall, Dublin. Hundreds of primary schools from all parts of the country have participated in this biennial choral event. In fact, 1 in every 6 primary schools in the country has participated at some stage over the past 32 years – that’s over 500 schools. It is a herculean labour of love which has been shared by countless teachers, national and local organising committees, and a myriad of volunteers and audiences.

Seán passed on his baton to the current National Directors of the choir – Mairéad Déiseach, Orla Gillan and Anne Purcell. Under their expert stewardship, the choir continues to flourish with performances of spellbinding quality. In each performance year, approximately 8000 children from in excess of 120 primary schools from every corner of Ireland participate in concerts of the highest quality. There are a series of regional concerts followed by three gala concerts in the National Concert Hall creating memories that endure for a lifetime.

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