GaryKeegan BWGary Keegan is the founder and CEO of Uppercut, a high-performance advisory for leaders, teams and organisations nationally and internationally. From the boot room to the boardroom, Gary’s unique thinking on high performance has inspired a culture of excellence in execution that is at the foundation of what Uppercut do.

Gary Keegan is renowned in Ireland as a High-Performance Business Coach and Sport Consultant. Gary has spent his vast career immersed in building, leading and supporting high performing individuals, teams and organisations. He has developed and honed his expertise and conceptual models while working in highly competitive environments with numerous leaders, leadership teams, coaches and performers all of whom have challenged his own performance, growth and learning.

Gary is the performance coach to the Irish Senior Men's Rugby Team and was recently appointed as the performance coach for the Cork Senior Hurlers. He was previously the performance coach for the Dublin Senior Footballers (2016-2020), Leinster Rugby for three seasons and Tipperary Senior Hurlers in 2019.

Gary sits on the IRFU National Professional Games Board and is the current Chair of the High-Performance Advisory Group at Cricket Ireland. His previous role was Director of the Irish Institute of Sport, a government agency established to support the development of high-performance sport in Ireland. Through his leadership, the Institute created an environment that included sports science, medicine, athlete wellbeing and life-skills support and elite coach support aimed at ensuring that talented Irish athletes and coaches achieve sustained levels of excellence in elite sport.

Prior to this, Gary spent six years as high-performance director with the IABA’s high performance boxing programme. Gary and his team developed a renowned management programme that ensured major European, World and Olympic success, obtaining 29 medals across the age spectrum.

In addition to his involvement with sporting organisations, Gary has worked successfully with senior leadership teams, nationally and internationally, across a range of industries including tech, financial services, construction, airline and pharmaceutical sectors.

Gary believes strongly in facilitating people to realise their own potential through the creation of supportive environments that facilitates people to take ownership for their own performance and growth. His holistic approach to systems thinking encompasses several areas grouped under context mapping, leadership performance, culture renewal, change management, strategy formulation and execution practices. He sees every person and organisation as unique and understands the role that context and environment plays in driving human behaviours.

Gary is regular speaker and contributor in the areas of leadership, transformation and high performance and contributes regularly to executive development programmes as well as consulting with a range of global and indigenous industries

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