Seminar Synopsis

As communication is at the heart of the work of school principals, this seminar is designed to enhance school leaders’ communication within the domains of both verbal and non-verbal communication. With ‘the emotional geographies’ of a school setting the backdrop, the seminar examines how principals communicate in schools from a number of angles which includes ‘active listening’, giving presentations and nonverbal communication. It provides practical ideas and suggestions on how a principal can develop his / her day-to-day practices within the intense and often diverse context of school communication. As such, the seminar endeavours to ‘audit’ and ‘equip’ each participant with ‘communication awareness’ in order to increase their efficacy as communicators.


About Dr. White

Dr John White works in the School of Policy and Practice on the St Patrick’s Campus of DCU. He works on both undergraduate and post-graduate education programmes. He has worked as a primary teacher, primary school principal and primary school inspector. His research interests include human communication (with a specific focus on nonverbal communication), classroom communication, arts-based research, Mathematics education, narrative inquiry, embodied cognition and primary school leadership.
He is the co-author of ‘The Classroom X –Factor: The Power of Body Language and Nonverbal Communication in Teaching’ (Rutledge, 2011) and with Professor David Givens (Gonzaga University and Centre for Nonverbal Studies) is currently co-authoring ‘The Rutledge Dictionary of Nonverbal Communication’ (due to be published in 2020 by Rutledge).

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