Seminar Synopsis

Seminar synopsis: The primary curriculum is changing with language being the first part to be redeveloped. We are now asking, what should the next iteration of the full curriculum do for children, teachers and school leaders, and what supports are needed to enable schools to work with a changing curriculum? Join us to discuss these big questions about curriculum change.


About the NCCA Project Team

The NCCA Team have classroom experience in a range of school contexts both nationally and internationally, as well as school leadership experience. In recent years, team members have worked on the new Primary Language Curriculum/Curaclam Teanga na Bunscoile, a new draft mathematics curriculum, and the review of RSE. The team is currently working with the Schools Forum, research and education partners to develop the Primary Curriculum Framework which will set out directions for curriculum change for the coming years. They look forward to meeting and working with you at the Annual Principals’ Conference 2020. For more information on the work, please visit

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