Seminar Synopsis 

(1) Implications of the "Admissions to Schools" act

  • Designation of schools to open special classes
  • Designation of schools to accept individual pupils
  • Registering pupils without interviewing parents or receiving reports from other schools

(2) Student & Parent Charter

  • To include implications for existing grievance procedures for parents & pupils

(3) The latest Case Law

  • Expulsions/Suspensions
  • Landmark case in relation to accommodating an SNA with serious disability
  • Disciplining a teacher

(4) GDPR

  • Taking photographs in schools


About David
David Ruddy BL, is a former school principal and recent past President of IPPN, David writes the legal diary for Leadership+.  Currently he works with the education division as an adviser and training consultant for schools at Mason Hayes Curran Solicitors.

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