Seminar Synopsis 

This seminar intends to provide school leaders with a practical model or framework which will allow them control and manage the flow of initiatives as well as structure the workload they face daily. It will provide a means of prioritizing initiatives considering aspects like the capacity of the school, the ability of the initiative to enhance Teaching and Learning and their importance in relation to the other competing initiatives. It will allow school leaders to interrogate the willingness and recognition by the School Staff that the initiative will be taken through all phases – Pilot, Implementation and Embedding and enable the School Leader manage the expectations of those who would exert pressure to have their initiative adopted by the school to the exclusion of others – to empower the School Leader to say “NO” politely.


About Finbarr

Finbarr studied for his B. Ed in Mary Immaculate College and qualified as a primary school teacher in 1994. He taught in Cork city for 7 years before being seconded to the European Schools. Whilst in Brussels, Finbarr was the Pedagogical and Primary Coordinator, with responsibility for scope and sequence of curriculum and consolidation of teaching and learning across 8 national language sections.

Finbarr spent 2 years in Doha, Qatar as Deputy Principal of a large international school. There, he and his team implemented enquiry-based methodologies so as to further engage the pupils in their learning.

He was then re-seconded to the European Schools as Principal of the European School of Karlsruhe in Germany. For the past 4 years, Finbarr has been principal of St. Columba’s BNS in Douglas, Cork.

Finbarr is a present board member of the Board of Directors of IPPN. He is a facilitator for the NIPT workshops to newly qualified teachers. Finbarr has facilitated leadership pathway seminars at conference as well as seminars at county network level and national council level. He participated as a mentor and "CARA" on the CSL Mentoring programme.

As and from September 2019 Finbarr has been seconded as Coordinator to the Centre for School Leadership (CSL).


About Maria 

Maria taught for eight years in St Brigid’s JNS, Brookfield, Tallaght before joining the staff of Scoil Phádraig in Clane, Co Kildare in 1999. Maria had been an Assistant Principal in both schools for several years before becoming Deputy Principal in Scoil Phádraig in 2017. She is IPPN, National Council Representative for Kildare (2018/19) and is now a member of the Board of Directors of IPPN. Maria is interested in further developing the role of the Deputy Principal within the IPPN and establishing support groups in each county to develop a community of support for the leadership role of the Deputy Principal. She has worked closely with the IPPN in trialling the implementation of the PIEW model as a model for addressing priority needs in Irish primary schools.

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