Presenter: Jacinta Kitt

Having been through an extraordinary period of crises management and upheaval, leaders need to be proactive in managing the aftermath for themselves and others. This session will focus on restoring and empowering ourselves for the future. The presentation will include:
1. Building our Psychological Resources (PsyCap)
2. Communicating effectively
3. Managing stress
4. Enhancing relationships
5. Developing our Emotional and Social Intelligence


JacintaKittJacinta Kitt
Jacinta is an organisational adviser and public speaker. A former primary school teacher, she also taught for many years in Trinity College on the M.Ed. programme, and in Marino Institute of Education on the B.Sc. and B.Ed. programmes. She provides professional development training and presentations for schools, colleges and various other public and private organisations on the characteristics, skills and benefits of creating and maintaining a positive/effective work environment.

She conducts sessions on effective interpersonal behaviours and relationships in homes, schools and workplaces. Providing strategies for improving communication in every environment is the theme of much of her work. During Covid times she has given presentations on Proactive Caring for Yourself with particular reference to building psychological resources.

Jacinta has published articles on Building Psychological Capital (2019) and Leadership and Teacher Autonomy (2018). Her book, published in 2017, is entitled Positive Behaviours, Relationships and Emotion … the heart of leadership in a school.

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