Presenters: Tom Lonergan & Deirdre Redmond, PDST

As a busy school Principal you have engaged with a range of technologies in your school over the last few years.

In addition to the technologies already in your school, you may be considering adding additional technologies to support teaching and learning. You may be considering new laptops or tablets for teachers or pupils, a network or wifi upgrade, or projectors and/or interactive panels for your classrooms. When schools seek our independent advice on technology they ask questions such as:

  • What are the most suitable technologies for my teachers and pupils in my school situation?
  • What are the most appropriate purchasing options so that we can purchase the technologies we need?
  • How can we ensure that we’re buying suitable technology products from high quality education suppliers?
  • How can we best manage technical support so that we can get many years of reliable use from our technologies?

We’ll be addressing these type of areas in the seminar, however we’re happy to discuss any technology in education areas on the day.

We understand that each school situation is unique, so we’re happy to answer specific questions you may have regarding your own school.



Tom Lonergan
Tom is National Coordinator for Technology Integration in PDST Technology in Education, , and before that for the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE) since 2002. Previously Tom worked in a number of technical roles in Ireland, Canada, and the UK. He provides advice and support to schools on technology infrastructure and technical support to help schools better manage their technology to achieve improved learning outcomes. He also works on the Schools Broadband Programme in collaboration with the DE and HEAnet.




Deirdre Redmond

Deirdre is Project Officer for ICT Infrastructure with PDST Technology in Education, where she provides information and advice on how fit-for-purpose ICT’s can improve schools ICT infrastructure / whole-school planning to support teaching and learning. This includes a wide range of technologies such as computing devices, presentation technologies, networking solutions - including Wi-Fi, servers, cloud-based applications, printing, technical support advice and other technologies relevant to schools. Deirdre worked for many years in a number of Multinational organisations providing technical support and in IS Administration roles. She subsequently worked in both Primary and Post Primary schools as an ICT co-ordinator as well as working as an ICT Advisor for the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools.


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