Presenter: Joanne McBride & Stefan Mathews 

An outline of the scheme’s scope, application process and assessment considerations. Along with introduction and overview of the DoE`s Capital Programme of Delivery. 


Stefan Mathews

Stefan Mathews is a Technical Manager for the Department of Education Planning and Building Unit in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Stefan assists with the strategic coordination of Professional and Technical services to support the delivery of the DoE`s Capital building Programme. His colleagues within the P&T section provide professional and technical advice across the multiple delivery streams which form part of the DoE`s ongoing commitment to the delivery of works to existing buildings and new building projects. The DoE`s Capital Programme of delivery is in response to the National Development Plan 2021 – 2030 while adding Capacity/Modernising Accommodation throughout the school system.



Joanne McBride's bio to follow



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