RachelDoogueRachel Doogue 

Rachel is a Leadership and Team Coach who every day appreciates the privilege of facilitating her clients to do their very best thinking.  Rachel has worked with over 60 Principals and 15 School Leadership Teams as part of the highly regarded School Principals and Team Coaching Programme run by the Centre for School leadership. Rachel is a Time to Think Facilitator runs the Transforming Meetings™ programme across the post primary and primary sector. Rachel believes great leadership is something you find inside of you by being more of, not less of, yourself. Rachel is committed to supporting leaders and teams overcome discomfort and relish the challenge of achieving growth in an environment of high public scrutiny and complex stakeholders. Prior to working as a coach Rachel worked for SHL, a global leader in the assessment and development of people at work.






Mary Pyne 

Mary is a Time to Think Coach and Facilitator who works with people to facilitate change. She specialises in helping people to think clearly using the Thinking Environment™  approach, leading to better decision-making and better outcomes.

She runs the Transforming Meetings™ programme with school principals, deputies, chairpersons and those looking to radically change how thinking is done, voices are heard and listened to, decisions made, and action is taken in meetings. Mary has extensive experience in people management in large organisations and in translating strategic priorities into deliverable outcomes. Prior to working as a Coach and organisational consultant, Mary was Head of HR and Corporate Services in Dublin City Council. 

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