HelenWalsh BHelen Walsh, NCSE Head of Operations
Helen Walsh is currently working as the Head of Operations for the NCSE.

Having completed training as a post primary teacher in 1996, Helen has worked in a variety of special education placements including post primary, Special School and pilot project posts of responsibility. A Masters in Psychology in Glasgow University, post graduate research in dyslexia and a dedication to supporting students with emotional difficulties at risk of school inclusion has contributed to her understanding of Special Educational Needs in Ireland.

Having worked as a SENO for 14 years and as a Team Manager with the NCSE for Dublin North since 2018, Helen has now assumed the role of Head of Operations for NCSE responsible for the National delivery of services.


JohnKearneyJohn Kearney, NCSE CEO
John Kearney was made Chief Executive of the Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board (CMETB) in September 2016, where he progressed the delivery of contemporary special education facilities and the expansion of further education and training progression routes for students and adults with special educational needs.

John has a deep-rooted passion for special education, with significant experience in education developments at national level. He has previously progressed the delivery of a multi-million Regional Capital Investment Programme, having overseen significant increases in post primary enrolments. He also fronted the partnering between further education and training services and employers to deliver targeted upskilling programmes, and led the delivery of successful administration pilots with Education Shared Business Services.

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