Seminar Synopsis 

The challenges that face the primary school community when coping with grief and loss in the 21st century Irish Classroom: 

How does grief and loss impact on the child in the classroom?
How can schools be better prepared to confidently and sensitively support the needs of the grieving child?

Research has shown that teachers do not feel adequately prepared to cope with grief and loss in the classroom. This seminar aims to address this situation and identify possible solutions.


About Carmelita 

Carmelita Mc Gloughlin obtained a Primary Teachers Diploma from the Froebel College of Primary Education, Sion Hill, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland. She taught children ranging from ages 4 to 12 in primary schools, in both city and rural settings.

She completed a Diploma in Systemic Family Therapy at the University of Limerick (2.1 Hons)
She has also completed a range of short courses including: Safe Talk; Working with Death and Dying; Facilitator Training Course for Bereavement Support; Basic Counselling Skills.

In 2017, Carmelita, was awarded an MA in Education (MIC) for her research thesis: “The challenges that face the primary school teacher in coping with grief and loss in a multicultural setting”. Carmelita spent over four years living in Abu Dhabi and therefore has a heightened awareness of the possible challenges of cultural diversity in the classroom.

Carmelita works in Mary Immaculate College as a Mentor/Tutor on School Placement and Early Childhood and Care Education Placement.

She also worked as Development worked with the Compassionate Communities (CC), Milford Care Centre, Limerick, Ireland. The aim of the CC project was to support people in the Mid-West of Ireland to think a little differently about death, to encourage people to plan ahead, talk with others and offer practical support within the community to those facing the end of life.

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