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Seminar Synopsis

As a busy school Principal, you manage a wide range of areas in your school. While ICT and technical support are important areas, they are still just one of the many priorities under your responsibility. Given the range of ICT options from different companies, and the wide range of views from ‘experts’, it can be difficult to determine how to select, procure, deploy and maintain ICT to support teaching and learning in your school. The whole process can be demanding, time-consuming and stressful.

This seminar will focus on practical ways of assisting you as a school principal to review the areas of ICT infrastructure and technical support, provide clarity and advice in a number of key areas, and hopefully reduce the amount of time and stress involved in managing these areas in your school.

Seminar attendees will also have an opportunity to take our 'ICT Infrastructure Stress Test'.


About Deirdre 
Deirdre is Project Officer for ICT Infrastructure with PDST Technology in Education, where she provides information and advice on how fit-for-purpose ICT’s can improve schools’ ICT infrastructure / whole-school planning to support teaching and learning. This includes a wide range of technologies such as computing devices, presentation technologies, networking solutions - including Wi-Fi, servers, cloud-based applications, printing, technical support advice and other technologies relevant to schools. Deirdre worked for many years in a number of multi-national organisations, providing technical support and in IS administration roles. She subsequently worked in both primary and post-primary schools as an ICT co-ordinator as well as working as an ICT Advisor for the Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools.


About Tom  
Tom is National Coordinator for Technology Integration in PDST Technology in Education,, and previously in the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE). Tom has worked in a number of technical roles in Ireland, Canada, and the UK. He provides advice and support to schools on ICT infrastructure and technical support to help achieve improved learning outcomes. He also works on the Schools Broadband Programme in collaboration with the DES and HEAnet.

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