SharonHealySharon Healy, NCSE Behaviour Specialist

Sharon is the Specialist Lead for Behaviour for Learning and Wellbeing in the NCSE. She leads practice relating to behaviour supports in all school contexts, the Behaviour for Learning (BfL) programme at post-primary and teacher professional learning in behaviour, including within the school inclusion model (SIM) regions. She is currently leading a diverse working group in creating a behaviour framework for Irish schools.

Sharon is student-centred, inclusive and holistic in approach and considers behaviour from a ‘regulation first’ perspective. She is passionate about play as a pedagogy and the importance of play in the relationships it builds and in students’ school experiences. She comes to the role with 18 years of experience in schools and many years working within special education, as well as special education coordinator in her time as Deputy Principal. She also previously worked as an NCSE behaviour advisor supporting schools in North Dublin.


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