Marie DelaneyMarie Delaney
Marie is the co-founder of Trauma Responsive Education, a social enterprise based in Cork. As a teacher, educational psychotherapist and trainer, she has extensive experience of working with students who have been affected by traumatic experiences and who display challenging behaviour. She has worked in non-formal education, mainstream and special school settings in the UK and Ireland, as well as the post-conflict areas of Iraq and Lebanon. Marie firmly believes that where you start from in life should not have to dictate your destination and in the power of education to break down barriers to societal change.

Her publications for Worth Publishing include: ‘Teaching the Unteachable’ (2008), ‘What can I do with the kid who’ (2010) and ‘Attachment for Teachers’ (2017)

When not working, Marie keeps the Aer Lingus airline in credit with trips between the UK and Ireland, and is a distressed supporter of Leeds United and the Tipperary hurling team.

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