Edelle O’Donovan
Edelle O’Donovan is teaching in St Joseph’s primary school for the last 20 years. She is currently a member of the SEN team and is interested in the importance of Wellbeing and the effect it has in an Educational environment. Edelle has initiated, developed and successfully embedded a Growth Mindset Culture throughout St Joseph’s School. One of the benefits of Growth Mindset is that it creates a love of learning that extends into life beyond school. It is Edelle’s goal to inform and share specific plans and techniques that can be used by educators, to introduce the growth mindset concept in their own school community and to encourage pupils to embrace and love challenges.


Sinéad O’Doherty
Sinéad O’Doherty is a Special Education Teacher in St. Joseph’s Primary, Tipperary Town for two years. She is also part of the Growth Mindset team that was set up within the school. She has a particular interest in children’s wellbeing and the effective methods used to promote children’s growth mindset during their time in education. Being part of the SEN team has helped Sinéad to facilitate explicit teaching of Growth Mindset skills, building children’s self-confidence and developing positive behaviours with themselves and others. The results of facilitating such an initiative have been hugely positive. Her role within the Growth Mindset Team also focuses on ways to promote GM through IT.

Catherine Blackburn
Catherine Blackburn qualified as a Primary School Teacher from Mary Immaculate College in 2019. She joined the staff of St Joseph’s Primary School, Tipperary Town in 2021 and has since been teaching sixth class, having previously worked as a senior infant and supply panel teacher. Catherine’s interests include inclusive education, literacy and wellbeing. As a mainstream senior class teacher, she recognises the importance of instilling a love of learning, a positive attitude towards education and self-motivation, all of which are promoted through a culture of Growth Mindset. Catherine has played an active role in the development and implementation of the various Growth Mindset initiatives and projects in her classroom and throughout the school. She has witnessed the positive impact that a growth mindset has on children’s outlook towards learning, which in turn benefits their academic achievements and social skills.

Muireann Sadlier
Muireann Sadlier is a Special School Teacher who has worked in inner city post-primary and DEIS settings in Limerick. She holds a middle management role as well as teaching in St Gabriels Special School in Limerick since 2006.

She has completed postgraduate study in SEN at St Patrick's, Drumcondra as well as the PG Dip in SEN in Mary Immaculate College, where she completed her Masters (MSEN). This study examined pupil wellbeing and wellness through communication & behaviour from the perspective of a number of pupils with complex disabilities.

Seconded to SESS & NCSE for almost 8 years, she wrote and delivered seminars for education settings on behaviour and wellbeing and adapting & differentiating the curriculum for pupils with varied learning profiles and abilities.

Recent developments in the range of webinars provided on managing challenging behaviour, wellbeing, yoga, mindfulness in various school settings has led organically to an interest in GMS and wellness in different school settings. Currently she delivers bespoke training to support school staff in understanding the wellbeing needs of pupils and how to implement growth mindset in different school settings.

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